KayakX Tutorial


This is a basic guide to using kayaks explore function to search for great, safe deals that will save you money and stress.

1. Go to www.kayak.com/explore

2. Select your desired departure point from the drop down menu
(Note: it may take a few seconds to load, especially for larger cities)

3. If you are flexible with your dates then just explore the map until you find a price that you like and follow the link to the price. If you are less flexible, simply select a month or season from the menu instead.

Straight away something catches my eye.

Four day return flights to Guadeloupe for $162, that’s a bargain!!

4. Follow the link to the next page and let the search run until complete.

(Note: The booking is available on several well known sites, and also on the airlines own website, this is a very good indication that the airfare is legitimate despite its low price, and is therefore safe to book without worry.)

5. Select the site that you wish to book through. (We suggest using big name sites even if they are a few dollars more expensive as it adds an additional layer of safety to your booking and they are likely to have better customer service if you need to call them. )

6. If the dates that have been shown do not suit your needs, then next step is to optimize your trip.

Click on the change search button in the top right of the page.

You will see an option called “Show +- 3 days, select this and then run the search again and you will see alternate dates where this price (or similar prices) are available.

Sometimes you will also see flights that are known as “hacker fares”

This means that the flights must be booked as 2 separate tickets. This is a perfectly normal and acceptable way to book the airfare, it will only mean that you have 2 booking confirmations instead of one. This often represents the best value option for shorter trips especially when budget airlines are included as they are more likely to sell tickets separately than the large, “legacy” airlines. If you do this remember to leave plenty of times between the two flights since if the first flight arrives late and you miss the second flight you’ll be out of luck.

Note also that sometimes you’ll see a very low price but, when you click through, you’ll find that price does not exist. This is because Kayak works by “caching” flights that have been searched or purchased in the recent past and displays those prices. Sometimes those flights are no longer available.