Tips for the Smart Traveller

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Hand-selected tips our readers have found helpful:

Travel Booking:

#3: Travel-related websites are tracking your every move on the web and will frequently increase prices if you seem interested, e.g. if you come back to a website you've previously visited. Always try a fresh search after some time (without any cookies or open sessions) and see whether prices differ. The easiest way to do this is to use the privacy mode of your browser.

#7: Use Hipmunk's "Deals" feature or Google Flights' map explorer to find destinations with lower air fares. Learn how to do that with our tutorial ...

Basic Airfare Saving:

#18: Don't only look for direct flights. Connecting flights usually are cheaper.

#27: Don't only look for your "home" airport. See which other airports you could reach (e.g. by train) and include them into your search

#77 If you only need to go one way, still check for a return ticket. Often they are cheaper.

#96 If you often need to fly and return the same route, check prices for the reverse direction, too. Sometimes it's cheaper to book a one-way flight to your destination and then work with return flights from your destination.

#44 When you have more than one flight not on the same ticket, you're fully responsible for catching the connecting flights. You also need to pick up luggage and check it in again,

#45 Add a buffer of at least 2 hours (depending on airport) when you have connecting flights on two separate tickets
#46 Try to fly with carry on only, when you have connecting flights on separate tickets

General Cost Saving:

#17 Airport parking can cost a fortune: Check into staying the night at a hotel airport that offers free parking and free shuttle to the airport in the morning.

Flight Comfort:

#9 Aircraft cabins are dry: Don't forget eyedrops and chapstick for long flights.

#14 Those bulkhead seats look like a good deal because they have extra leg room. But check carefully -- they often have a fixed armrest where your tray table lives and no underseat storage.

#26 Longhaul flights can get cold -- especially at the back of the plane: Consider putting a pair of socks and a sweater in your carry on.