Not a day seems to go by without more clickbait from SecretFlying

Again, the guys at SecretFlying have proven they can generate profitable clicks from hopeful travelers but cannot deliver an actual deal. It looks to us as if they post anything their robots find -- even if it from a "dodgy" online travel agency -- and don't even check and see if it can be booked! Read on to see how they hyped this non-existent deal...

The first thing to do is to find the right dates. If a deal is so surprisingly good, very often the dates given in the blog post are not available anymore, because thousands of people are clicking on it rather quickly.
Momondo's Lowest Fare graph is very helpful in this case. We don't find 343$ anymore, but 365$ is a great deal, too.​

So, let's see whether we can really get that flight for such a çheap fare. Sometimes Momondo still has outdated information in its cache and shows prices that are not actual anymore. But not in this case:

So far so good, this fairly small OTA really seems to offer a too-good-to-be-true price. So, what happens, if we wanted to buy this? Let's click on SELECT...

The price nearly doubles!

There you have it! An unreliable OTA has an error in its fast pricing engine. When it tries to book that ticket for you it realizes that the price is way to low. You've lost time and nerves, and SF won a few clicks and associated advertising display.

How can you trust these guys???

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