In mid June, Fly4free advertised a London to Turkey and Tanzania/Kenya/Ethiopia deal for 268 British Pounds.

Various travel dates were listed in June through July 12th....

What they didn’t say was that you arrive at Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW) airport and then need to transit via bus through Istanbul to Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IST) — a distance of about 46 miles. Depending on your arrival and departure times — and traffic — this raises the possibility of missing the flight and being stuck in Istanbul for the night. Frankly, there is a genuine concern for personal safety in Istanbul.

But what the blog is really fishing for are your clicks. So there is something else they didn’t tell you. Just a couple of days after the post was made we checked availability and we were surprised to find two things: First, the last departure date for this “deal” was 30th of June — and on the London Gatwick to Istanbul flight we checked there was exactly one seat at that price — and that vanished a few minutes later.

Thousands of people will no doubt visit the site and hundreds will likely click through to the links provided. They will try various dates and probably go back to the main site a couple of times (more clicks). Eventually, some will try and book — and run into a frustrating experience where they find there is extremely limited availability (even more clicks). All those clicks add up and translate into cash for bloggers who seem to care less for the safety of travelers than they do for a quick buck.

Our take: A bogus offer that comes with major problems — and safety concerns.

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