Secret Flying stunned us with a 171 GBP price

Unfortunately, it wasn't true. We're sure many travellers spent hours trying to book this fare, only to be confronted with strange OTA behaviour over and over again

So, how to find a website you CAN book at this price? 

Well, the blog linked to momondo UK:

Please observe that most OTAs offer the flights for a price more than double, but there is hope.

But as we're not supposed to book with eDreams or Opodo, let's have a look at Expedia UK, a well reputed OTA.
​This is what happens when we search for the flights there:

Not as cheap, but not so bad. Definitely in the right range.

Alas, it's just a mistake.

This is what happens when you click on "Select":

The price jumps up considerably. A sure sign of a mistake in the fast pricing engine, the program the OTA uses to quickly display competitive prices. This program does not take all restrictions into account, so sometimes the price changes before you come to the payment page (what we call "after clicking through").

And just to be sure, let's test the US momondo:

Same high price.

This low price is an error displayed by some OTAs and simply cannot be bought. But Secret Flying doesn't care. They alreaydy have the clicks of thousands of hopeful travellers....

If you look at their webpage now, you can see they gave this an "expired" tag.

Interestingly enough, there are "0 comments" on this post. Do you think none of their readers asked how to book this fare?
Or isn't it more likely they deleted all the comments?
One thing is sure, they wouldn't have deleted posts that said "Great! I've bought this at this low price. Thank you so much!"

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