About us

What is CheapFlightAlerts.org

CheapFlightAlerts.org relies on crowdsourcing and volunteers to manage and maintain this website which was launched in response to the growing number of unscrupulous travel websites, online travel agencies (OTA’s), and blogs claiming to sell “error fares” or “mistake fares”.

Over the years, travel related scams have ruined vacations and trips for hundreds of thousands of consumers. Travelers have been stranded by failed charter companies, arrived at hotels to find they have not yet been built or lost significant amounts of money when travel agencies have gone out of business. Our hope is to protect against this new threat.

We love to travel and our team includes people who fly hundreds of thousands of miles a year for business or pleasure as well as travel professionals and industry experts. We are in a unique position to help consumers, passengers and tourists avoid the scams that are becoming increasingly popular.

This website is not operated for profit all work is done on a volunteer basis so we have virtually no overhead and we don't accept advertising, dont ask for contributions and dont require you to register. We receive no funding from industry or government.